Our Story

Brooke Shields and Brad Tipper are passionate pet parents and animal lovers who believe pet parents should be able to shop clean, all-natural, ethically and sustainably sourced and third-party tested just like they shop for themselves.

Motivated by the sudden and heartbreaking loss of her dog Pepper “Magoo” Henchy, Brooke teamed up with Brad to create Prospect Pet to champion proactive and preventative pet care knowing that it can help aid in the prevention of more serious health issues.

What differentiates Prospect Pet in this pursuit is our “clean & conscious” commitment ensuring that we hold ourselves to the highest level of accountability standards for health & purity, safety & efficacy, testing and validation and environmental impact.

Our Mission

At Prospect Pet, we believe our pet’s health should be treated like human health. We acknowledge wellness solutions should vary from pet to pet, just like they do from person to person.

We champion proactive and preventative care, knowing it can aid the prevention of more serious ailments later on. We highlight the fact that care should be truly clean, and upheld by the strictest standards of the day.

We believe pet parents should be able to shop clean, organic, all-natural, ethically and sustainably sourced and third-party tested for their pets just like they are able to shop for themselves.

The Prospect Promise is how we make our mission a reality.

It’s our set of guiding principles, and it’s the way in which we apply our values from ingredient sourcing & formulations to product innovation & development. And it will continue to evolve - because our job of making better products and improving the lives of our pets and the planet is never done.

In loving memory of
Pepper “Magoo” Hency

Like so many dogs in recent years, Pepper “Magoo” Hency tragically passed away prematurely due to an accelerated battle with cancer. Tragically, we know cancer is something so many pet familiars are facing each day.

It is in the memory of all the love created, the balls chased, the adventures had, the tears licks, the snuggles shared, and the seemingly never-ending playful joy they embraced, that we founded Prospect Pet to provide our beloved pet with proactive and preventative wellness solutions.

Prospect Pet will honor Peppers legacy as we strive for increased standards and transparency across the pet industry. It is our belief that we can truly transform the pet industry by demanding greater accountability of pet brands and leading by example by providing true transparency around not only the consciously sourced ingredients in every product but also the harmful ingredients that we keep out.

We are deeply committed to do everything we can to provide pet parents with the opportunity to make the right choices for their pets so that they can continue making new memories, build healthier connections and continue to seek the next big adventure for as long as possible.